Sam's Story. o.o
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Sam's Story. T~T

Welcome to my story page.

The girl stood alone in the crowded hallway. Always alone, she liked
it that way. Others seemed to like it as well, being they left her to
her own devices. In her mind, she was away from everyone. She liked
it like that. Her own personal paradise in her mind and with her
friends on the computer. She couldn't wait to get home, into her room,
and finally be able to relax and smile with people who didn't judge
her. She didn't feel paranoid around them like everyone else. People
scared her. She just wanted to be left alone.

Someone talked to her today. She wouldn't show it, but she really
enjoyed the attention. All she wanted was a true friend that was near
her, no matter how much she denied it. Her spirits were lifted the
whole day and she told her mom about what happened. Her mother
was of course happy that her daughter had made a friend. She had
been worried about her daughter always hanging around in her room
with people she would probably never meet. It made her happy to
know that her girl wouldn't be alone all the time.

When she brought her friend home from school one day, they talked
and just had a good time playing games and such. She didn't think
that any day could top this one. She was wrong, of course. She was
falling for the boy, her best friend. She was falling fast and hard.
She didn't know if it was a good or a bad thing. One day, she was
texting him. She accidently let it slip that she liked him. A lot.
He was shocked. She kind of wanted to die. Later on that day, the
boy asked her out. She was suprised but also very happy. Her mom
came to see what all the commotion was about after about the tenth
shout of 'Oh my god!'

The girl said yes, of course. They hung out a lot and it was just like
being best friends, but better. They both looked the happiest anyone
had ever seen them. There was people who disapproved of their
relationship though; his parents. This was a problem for the girl,
because she really wanted to be accepted by them. They told the boy
to break up with her, but he never listened. He liked her too much to
just leave her like that. They stayed together secretly, not letting
anyone but her mother know about their relationship, because they
knew she wouldn't tell.

Eventually, they grew tired of sneaking around his parents. The boy
insisted that as soon as they were done with highschool, they could
move in together and be happier. She was ecstatic about this
happening and wished with all her heart for the years to just fly by.
She was a year older than him, but he suggested that when she
finished her senior year, they could get an apartment together or
something. He would help pay for stuff with his job, and when he
finished school, she would pretty much be done with college and
looking for a job. His parents couldn't stop them now.

Everything was going well for them. She had just finished college
and he only had a couple months left of school. Their relationship
was stronger than ever before and his parents had no idea about it.
The boy told her that when he was eighteen, they would tell them
about it. He wanted her to be a part of his family. He loved her, and
she loved him back. They would never be separated by anything.



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